A little history...

Nestled amongst open fells the barn at Outrun Nook was converted in 2003 to provide the perfect holiday retreat and is set in a truly beautiful part of the Lake District National Park.  

Looking at Outrun Nook today its hard to believe that the house itself didn't have electricity or running water until the early 1990's.  Up until then Mrs Mason would collect her water from the well and cook on the open range, she was perfectly content with how things were and simply preferred her way of living. Children were always welcome and loved the novelty of a house with no running water and gas burning lamps.  When Mrs Mason left the next owners gave the house the tender loving care it desperately needed and finally water and electricity arrived at Outrun Nook.


The barn had been left to fend for itself against the elements. Rescued in 2003 the project began to breathe life back into the building making the most of the traditional features and stunning surroundings.

Passersbys have many stories and memories to share, and Outrun Nook is a much loved now as was then. We hope you will be part of its wonderful story too.